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This is my first Blog Post

Hello everyone this is the first of what I hope to be many Blog Post by me. It will be a work in progress so hang with me, it will get better I promise.  Today i want to talk about who I am and where I have come from. 

I was born in Jacksonville Florida. I lived there until i was 15,that is when my mom re-married and moved us,my younger sister(Lorna) and me to Atlanta, Georgia. I spent the next 15 years living in either Atlanta or Statesboro, Georgia. Statesboro was a small southern conservative college town about an hour west of Savannah, Georgia. I attended college at Georgia Southern College in Statesboro. My formative years and some of life’s HARDEST lessons took place in Statesboro, Georgia. I took to college life or should I say the party of college easily. I was not a big partier until I got to college but I made up for lost time quickly. I wasn’t the most popular kid in school growing up. I actually was a big bully. This short coming didn’t lend me the opportunity to have many people who actually liked me. This all changed in college. I took my bully mentality and got rid of it and became the life of the party, and boy did I party. The party began with alcohol, then pot, some acid, and eventually a $150 a day coke habit. I have now been clean for a little over 8 years. My life has had its trials and tribulations just I am sure many peoples lives have. I know live in Ocala, Florida and have finally at the age of 46 found the job that fits me and that I look forward going to every day. I have the pleasure of producing and co-hosting a great local radio program “The Voice of Ocala” heard daily from 3 to 6 pm on WOCA1370am/96.7fm. The show is also streamed live on WOCA.com. My boss Buddy Martin is a great mentor to me and allows me to be me without much interruption. It was at Buddy’s encouragement that I am starting this Blog. If this becomes a success Buddy gets the credit. Well that is about all I need to share about me . Stay tuned to see what I write next and see where this goes. There is no ceiling to limit me and no subject beyond the scope of this blog. Let’s see what transpires. 

Until Next Time…… SMITTY